Top 5 Tips to Avoid Credit Card Fraud

Your credit card information is ever at the risk of being stolen. Whether you are shopping at a supermarket or withdrawing money from an ATM, someone is always trying to steal your credit card information. So how do you guard against this? The surest way to avoid credit card fraud is by making sure that the details of your card are kept safe. Below are some of the things you need to do.

Tips to avoid credit card fraud

Protect your personal info

Be careful when giving out your personal information like phone number, your address, social security number, account numbers or date of birth. Know who wants the info as well as their reason for asking for it.If you are not the one who has initiated the engagement, be more careful. Scammers can be very persuasive and can do just about anything to make you share your details.
Remember that if you are putting a catalog, internet or phone order, you may be asked by merchants to confirm the 3-digit code at the back of your credit card. This is one way through merchants can protect you from fraud, and verify that you are the real cardholder.

Keep it safe

12qwesdfcgvbYou can also keep your card safe by ensuring that it is kept away from thieves. Carry your cards in a wallet or purse close to you where it cannot easily be snatched away from you. If you are a lady, ensure that your purse is kept zipped all the time. Do not walk with all your cards but just one or two that you will be using that day. Leave the rest at home. Also, thieves use cameras or cell phones to capture the details of your card, which is why you should not leave your card exposed longer than it is necessary.

Use secured mailbox

Letting your sensitive information like checks remain in the unsecured mailbox may be putting you at risk. When receiving or sending information containing your financial or personal information, you may want to use a locked mailbox.

Report stole or lost cards immediately

Reporting a lost or stolen card immediately enables your provider to cancel it
and stop fraudulent charges. Write the customer service numbers of your credit card providers down so that you can contact them immediately the card goes missing.


12qwesrdfgvhDo not dump your credit card billing straight into the trash can. Instead, trash them so as to keep them way from dumpster drivers. Do the same to expired or canceled cards. Toss the shredded pieces into different trash bags.