Get Your PPI Claim Before The Deadline

Most people who live in the UK would have taken a loan out in the last decade to either buy a house, car or just about anything. We all know that we need our credit cards on a monthly basis to be able to balance out our expenses with our income. However, it has now become know that the financial institutions that gave out all the loans and credit cards did not take any risk and always were able to get their money back even if the borrower was not able to make payments.

Payment Protection Insurance or PPI

By using the above insurance policy for each and every loan, the banks were able to b;tljeprotect themselves, however, what was not right was that the consumer was the one paying the premium for this insurance. It has been declared that the banks have misled customers into paying these premiums and often did not even tell the client about it. The worst part is that banks even made a profit on this as they added the premium as a portion of the loan and charged interest from the borrower. In such a case, the person borrowing paid more than just the premium for the insurance.

PPI Claims

There is now a deadline of 2019 for anyone who wishes to make their ppi claims. It is advisable that you start your application now if you have not already done so. If you are not sure if you have been affected by this misleading work of financial institutions, you can always contact a claims management company, and they can take a look at your loan paperwork and see if you are also eligible for an application.

The process

aa05Application for a PPI claim can be made by yourself or by a solicitor who is knowledgeable in this topic. If you want it done correctly and with less hassle to yourself, you can contact a claims management company, and they will take care of all the legwork on your behalf. They will charge you a reasonable fee of about 12.5% plus VAT which is better compared to not having any claim money at all.

There are many benefits of using a solicitor, and they include no upfront fees, no hidden fees and they will have a proven track record too. They will also offer you a personalised and efficient service, and your claim will be processed in no time at all.